Endpoints are today’s biggest security blind spot. SIEM and intrusion prevention systems provide little visibility into endpoints, and generate thousands of low-quality alerts. As a result security teams must resort to time-consuming manual methods.

Outlier automates detection, response and remediation without agents or complex management. The system is agentless and delivered as Software-as-a-Service, resulting in faster deployment and lower cost of ownership than agent-based products. Outlier has zero impact on users, the cyber security team and the enterprise.


Breach Assessment

Outlier offers an industry first – an agentless endpoint scanner that detects breaches and measures a baseline audit of your environment. Assure regulators, management, and business partners of your security posture and ability to contain risk. Like a vulnerability scanner, Outlier is touchless and can be set to scan automatically thereby reducing the time a hacker is in your network.


User Behavior Analytics

Nearly all network breaches involve users actions. Users click on malicious web links and email attachments to infect computers. Attackers masquerade as legitimate users to find and steal confidential information. Outlier performs user behavior analytics to detect compromised systems whether or not the attacker used malware.


Continuous Monitoring

You have an attacker problem, not a malware problem. Remediation, reimaging, and restacking won't eliminate the attacker. They will just be back again tomorrow. Vigilance through continuous monitoring is necessary to uncover ongoing hacker behaviors and assess endpoint health and vulnerability to exploitation. Outlier makes it easy and fast without the burden of additional technical staffing or additional endpoint agents.