Reduce labor costs by automating best practices of cyber security investigators


Fastest and easiest deployment with zero impact on the enterprise

Detect Outliers

Comprehensive threat detection using multi-layered endpoint security analytics


One click remediation allows critical infrastructure to stay on line while removing threats with surgical precision

See the Forest and the Trees to Find Outliers

Outlier is unique as it automatically audits the endpoints in your entire network to hunt for software, user, memory and network anomalies that don’t belong in your environment. Ask any question and get your answer within seconds.

Knowledge Maps: Next Generation Security Analytics

Knowledge Maps use artificial intelligence to reason over endpoint big data sets to identify anomalies and outliers that would otherwise require a highly skilled human analyst.

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Alert Reporting and Endpoint Visibility

Outlier empowers security teams to quickly respond to threats and examine suspect computers. Automated alerts include underlying contextual evidence for threat verification. The flexible IOC query capability allows ad hoc analysis of network-wide historical endpoint data.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Delivered as Software-as-a-Service and agentless, Outlier dramatically reduces the cost of deploying and managing an endpoint threat detection and response solution.

About Outlier Security

Outlier Security provides an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) system that speeds up the detection and analysis of new and advanced threats without agents or complex management. The Outlier system provides comprehensive endpoint threat monitoring, alerting and analysis. It uses automated analytics to proactively detect threats missed by legacy systems, validate alerts generated by SIEM and other security products, and accelerate the investigation of incidents. The system is agentless and delivered as Software-as-a-Service, resulting in faster deployment and lower cost of ownership than agent-based products. Outlier Security is led by Greg Hoglund, a pioneering researcher, author and business leader in the cyber security industry.