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Outlier is ideal for Threat Assessments and Incident Response Investigations. Agent-based systems are a pain and incur delays for waiting change control approvals and dealing with installation issues. Outlier’s agentless system allows you to hit the ground running and easy setup.

Outlier will help you assess the client’s entire network to quickly find suspicious machines, even when you have no prior knowledge of problems. Outlier’s security analytics in the form of Knowledge Maps give you massively scalable endpoint visibility across the entire estate.

Upon identifying suspicious machines, Outlier provides the capability to collect any file or artifact needed to perform timeline analysis and other steps to complete your investigation.

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Outlier is a highly effective, efficient system to continually monitor your clients’ networks. Being agentless, Outlier is deployed quicker and with fewer headaches than agent-based systems.

Knowledge Maps are automated security analytics that codify and replicate the best practices of human cyber experts. Interactive graphics allow your security professionals to quickly assess alerts, hunt for threats and identify outliers in the environment by visually associating key contextual data.

You will have the capabilities to deep dive into suspicious computers as part of incident response investigation.

The RESTful API simplifies integration with other technologies delivered to your clients and to operationalize your threat intelligence.

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Outlier addresses key use cases.

Resistance to agents. Some organizations cannot get approval or budget to deploy yet another agent. Or they prefer an agentless approach providing continual monitoring sooner and with less hassle.

Need full estate coverage to find outliers. Other EDR systems are near sighted in that they focus only on malware and individual computers and can’t see the forest for the trees. Analytics of the entire estate is needed to find anomalies that don’t conform to the normal baseline.

Detection beyond malware. A bad guy operating in the environment with stolen user credentials pretending to be an authorized employee is far more severe than malware. He will be able to run whitelisted software and access confidential information. Detection requires user behavior analytics involving examination of many types of digital evidence including time-stamped metadata.

Defense in-depth. Outlier is not in the “line of fire” like agent-based solutions that can be disabled by cyber adversaries. Outlier is a more trusted system for advanced detection as well as providing detailed information about endpoint software, users and configurations.

Threat Assessment and Incident Response. Outlier is deployed and made operational faster than any other system. And Outlier provides a far wider breath of endpoint metadata along with a flexible and powerful query facility to ask any question to get an immediate answer.

Continual Monitoring. Outlier endpoint scans can be run on a scheduled basis to ensure full coverage of the entire network.  Security analytics run automatically to generate alerts and a powerful platform for threat hunting.

Endpoint Recorder. Outlier eScribe is an endpoint recorder used by incident responders to monitor endpoints in real-time. Machines suspected of being infected or exhibiting rogue user behaviors can be examined more deeply for root cause and kill chain analysis. eScribe is integrated with the Outlier Agentless Endpoint Security Analytics platform for enhanced threat detection and response.

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