Frequently Asked Questions

What types of computers does Outlier support?

Windows, Mac and Linux

With the Outlier system does any confidential data leave the enterprise?

No, your confidential data stays within your network and is not sent to the cloud. Only calculated values, metadata and some binaries are sent to the Outlier cloud for analysis.

How does Outlier achieve agentless endpoint scanning?

For Windows machines managed in a domain, agentless endpoint scans are accomplished using fully supported, native Windows networking services such as Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), Windows Networking (WNet), and Remote Procedure Call (RPC).

For remote Windows machines and Mac and Linux, agentless endpoint scans are accomplished with the Collection Service, which initiates the connection between the endpoint and the Outlier Portal.

What is required for the agentless scans to work?

Agentless scans are performed by the Data Vault which is located on premise within the network. Endpoints must be connected to the network to be scanned. The system administrator enters one or more IP ranges and admin credentials. Alternatively, the dissolvable Collection Service can be executed on the endpoints.

Do endpoint scans affect system performance?

No, the user experience will not be affected. Endpoint scans are completed within 30 to 60 seconds without users being aware that anything occurred. Scans are completely passive and do not interfere with the user or business mission.

What data communications are required?

There are several types of communications:

  • Communications between the Data Vault and endpoints is via Port 445
  • Communications between the Data Vault and the Outlier Portal is SSL over Port 443.
  • Communications between the Collection Service and the Outlier Portal is via SSL over Port 443.
  • Communications between the browser user interface to the Portal is SSL over Port 443.

How does the system achieve massive enterprise scalability?

The system achieves massive scalability by properly configuring the Data Vault software onto more powerful machines and/or deploying multiple Data Vaults.

Can I run the Data Vault from a laptop?

Yes, incident response teams on short-term services engagements can scan more than ten-thousand machines from a single laptop.

More questions?

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