Why Outlier Is Different

Benefit from comprehensive endpoint threat monitoring, alerting and analysis without the headaches and costs associated with managing agents.

Agentless for Fast Deployment and Zero User Disruption

The Outlier system gathers data from endpoints without agents. Scan all endpoints immediately and avoid months-long projects to install agents. Desktop teams won’t be bogged down distributing, installing and managing yet another agent on every endpoint. End users won’t experience performance slowdowns or conflicts with existing software on their systems.

Fast Collection of Endpoint Forensic Evidence

The Outlier system uses an innovative fast scanning approach to gather digital forensic evidence from endpoints across the enterprise and send it to a cloud-based security analytics portal. Outlier uses this evidence to identify new and unknown threats. Incident responders have rapid access to the data through a secure web portal to help them identify and assess suspicious machines.

Knowledge Maps Automatically Identify “Outliers”

Outlier’s revolutionary Knowledge Maps compare data from endpoints across your enterprise to identify “outliers” and anomalous behaviors such as files, events, actions and running processes that stand out from the baseline.

Knowledge Maps use neural modeling, artificial intelligence, statistical reduction, and temporal relationships that go far beyond signatures and threat intelligence. Outlier provides the most comprehensive detection solution on the market for advanced persistent threats, in-memory threats, lateral movement, user behaviors, policy violations and forensic investigation.

Detect Memory-Resident Threats

Outlier excels at detecting memory-resident threats at scale with no impact on end users. Cyber adversaries are increasing their use of injecting malicious code into good running programs to evade detection from traditional disk-based detection. Outlier automatically performs forensically-sound acquisition of suspicious process memory, file and operating system objects, and system settings and examines these objects in the Knowledge Map analytics system.

Reduce Labor and Skill Required

Outlier does not require a security expert to use it. Traditional cyber systems generate too much data. The human mind prefers images instead of endless rows and columns of data. Outlier allows users to visually interact with data in graphical form for fast contextual understanding. Security professionals will see meaningful relationships between user accounts, login events, hosts, IP addresses, running processes, and more.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

By automating many of the endpoint data collection and analysis tasks normally performed by the security staff, the Outlier system makes incident response teams more productive. All aspects of the system are automated including collection of endpoint evidence, security analytics with Knowledge Maps and interactive graphics to quickly understand alerts.

As an agentless solution, no effort needs to be expended to deploy, install, manage and upgrade agents on endpoints.